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How does it
work tho?
Our Mentors set competitions based on stuff they’re good at. Music, art, sport, gaming, entertainment. They're good at lots things. But so are you. Yeh? You enter the comp by making a video that answers the challenge set by the mentor.
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Then you share your video. Your mates and your mum and your sweet old nan and people who think your video is generally great will vote for your video. If it gets enough votes it goes on the shortlist. That’s where it needs to be because that’s where our mentors look for winners.
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You win if a mentor picks your film. Then you'll get to spend time with them. They’ll help further your skills so you can be even better at that thing you are already really good at.
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Nope, you can import a video file in.
New comps come up all the time, watch this space.
What can't you win?
Are you a time traveller from 1996?
You must be older than 13 and younger than infinity.
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